Summer Review Resources

For summer review, I have the following choices available in my store.  Here is what is included in each resource:

Summer Stay in Practice Packet – Reading

The Reading Packet contains ten pages of practice. It includes:

  • six one-page reading review lessons – Each of the six one-page lessons begins with a vocabulary warm-up. For the lessons, students use a magazine, newspaper, or other reference source to complete various reading assignments such as reading an article and completing a chart, searching for specific items to cut and paste, and researching to create an informational poster.
  • A four-page novel response assignment – For the novel response, students read a novel of their choice and complete daily responses and follow-up questions. Students will need a novel, a magazine or newspaper, and internet access or another reference source to complete this packet.

Summer Practice Packet - Reading


Summer Stay in Practice Package – Writing, Grammar, and Spelling

The Writing Packet contains ten one-page lessons.

  • Each lesson begins with a review of editing, grammar, and spelling and is followed by a short writing exercise. The writing exercises include journal writing, editing and revising. Students only need paper, pencils, and a dictionary to complete these lessons.

Summer Practice Packet - Writing


Summer Practice Task Cards

The Summer Task Card Set contains thirty large, half-page task cards for end-of-year or summertime review of reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.  There are five cards on each of six summer topics:  1. At the Beach, 2. Life on the Pond, 3. Low-Tech Fun, 4. The Ball Game, 5. Picnic Time, and 6. Vacation.  They would work well either as a take-home set or for a class activity.

Each group of five cards includes each of the following:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Practice
  • Vocabulary
  • Fun Puzzles
  • Follow-up Activity

Summer Practice Task Cards


If  you are looking for review work to send home with those students who need a little something to practice with during the summer months, check out the preview files to see if one of these might be what you are looking for.



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