Spring Resources from Classroom in the Middle

Spring Resources from Classroom in the Middle


Classroom in the Middle offers spring-themed resources for practicing a variety of language arts skills – reading, vocabulary, an writing.  Take a look at each one here, or click on any of the cover images to see the preview.

Spring Task Cards

Spring Reading Comprehension Task Cards  Spring task cards samples  Spring task cards more samples

This is a set of 30 large task cards, designed for middle school or upper elementary with plenty of content per card.  Each card includes an original, non-fiction reading passage on a topic related to spring, Easter, or various springtime activities. There are six cards each on the following reading skills – main ideas and supporting details, using context clues, cause and effect, sequence of events, and fact or opinion.


Each card includes several short questions or another type or reading response such as writing a short paragraph, drawing, or completing a graphic organizer.   Great for centers, stations, small group or individual activities, or class games like Scoot or Footloose, the cards can be laminated or printed on card stock for repeated use.


This set of task cards can also be purchased at a discount price as part of this bundle:
Seasons Task Card Package.


Spring Vocabulary Practice

Spring Vocabulary Practice  Spring Vocabulary Practice slide 2   Spring vocab practice - slide 3

This PowerPoint presentation provides whole-class practice with vocabulary skills that kids always need to review  – synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, and suffixes.  The content is spring-themed with topics including spring sports and outdoor activities.


The prefix activities ask students to choose the correct words to complete sentences, tell what the prefixes mean, and list words with certain prefixes. Prefixes include: con-, com-, pro-, ambi-, amphi-, sub-, bi-, aer-, hydro-, micro-, mini-, deca-, deci- semi-, and hemi-.


The suffix activities ask students to choose words to complete sentences, identify the parts of speech, and list words with certain suffixes. Suffixes include: -ous, -ist, -ian, -ary, -ery, -ory, -ate, -and -less.


The synonym and antonym activities ask students to chose synonyms or antonyms replace specific words in a sentence or to complete a sentence, and to list synonyms or antonyms for given words.


Spring Word Puzzles

Spring Word Puzzles   Spring Word Puzzles slide 2

Spring Word Puzzles slide 3    Spring Word Puzzles slide 4

Spring Word Puzzles includes five kinds of word puzzles for a change of pace or to fill in spare moments. The puzzles include riddles, rhymes, analogies, alliteration puzzles, and words to unscramble, all with a spring theme. The thirty-six slide interactive PowerPoint presentation is designed in bright spring colors.


The riddles consist of five clues that the students reveal one at a time before checking the final answer.


The rhymes ask students to fill in a missing word in a sentence using a rhyming clue.


For the analogies, students fill in the missing word.


For the alliteration puzzles, students are given a clue and asked to provide a two word phrase for the answer. Both words begin with the same letter, and students are given this beginning letter.


For the words to unscramble, students are given a descriptive clue along with each group of scrambled letters.


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