Six Fun Activities for the Last Days of School

Six Fun Activities for the Last Days of School


Finally!  The end of the year is approaching (for many teachers), the testing is done, and it’s time for a little fun.  In the last few days of school, class activities can finally focus more on the enjoyment of learning and less on reaching standards.  Here are some suggestions for activities that kids enjoy in the last few days of school.


End of Year Booklet

Many teachers have their own favorite booklet that they have their kids complete as an end-of-year memento.  Mine includes a page about friends and classmates, a page about teachers and classes, a page about favorite activities, a page where students predict their final grades, and a page of “bests” and “worsts.”


Puzzle Pages

Kids love puzzles.  If you just can’t spare the time for puzzles during the rest of the year, now is your chance!  I like puzzle pages with riddles, words to unscramble, analogies, and other kinds of word puzzles.


Last-Days-of School Journal Prompts

End of year memories, something learned, summer plans and wishes, or just summer itself – all of these basic themes can be expanded into a number of specific writing prompts.


I Have . . . Who Has . . ? Game

These games are fun all year long.  I like them to review the “facts” after reading a novel and to review information such as story elements or vocabulary, but my favorite at this time of year is just about all things summer – the beach, camping, bugs, popsicles, vacation, summer reads, etc.


Autograph Activity

This is a perennial favorite, and there are lots of ways to do this one too.  For one simple autograph activity, students complete a sheet of “Exit Interview” questions by talking to classmates, recording their answers, and collecting their signatures.


Here you can see examples of two of these activities:


End of Year Packet sample pages


These are just a few ideas for activities that you can print out and have ready to use in the final days.  If you have more ideas, I would love to hear about them in the comment section below.  And, if you are interested in all of these activities in a ready-to-use format, click on the image below to check out my End of Year Packet:


End of Year Packet of Activities


Word Puzzles

I also like the idea of a whole-class word puzzle activity for the last days of Language Arts class.  Using a PowerPoint, a set of word puzzles can easily be turned into a competition between teams.  For my PowerPoint, I’ve included five types of puzzles and made it interactive so that kids can take turns coming up to the screen to choose their team’s answers.  For the riddles, kids can also reveal the clues one at a time. It adds a little more movement to the activity, and encourages team members to work together to help whoever’s turn it is to respond.  These are the five kinds of puzzles I include: riddles, rhymes, analogies, alliteration, and words to unscramble.


Here are sample slides from two of them:


It's Almost Summer Word Puzzles slide 2

It's Almost Summer Word Puzzles slide 3

It's Almost Summer Word Puzzles slide 4


For a ready-to-use resource with all five types of puzzles for this fun whole-class activity, click on the image below to check out the PowerPoint:


It's ALmost Summer Word Puzzles PowerPoint


Six Fun Activities for the Last Days of School

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