Seasonal and Holiday Finds

Lately, I’ve been updating my Pinterest page, especially the seasonal and holiday boards.  I now have one board for each season, with holiday pins included on those boards.  (A good excuse to make some new holiday-themed board covers!)  Anyway, I thought I would choose one interesting pin from each board to feature. Click on the images to see the original posts.




Labor Day Readings

This little black and white pin links to information from the Department of Labor about Labor Day. Included on their page are links to interesting articles that could make good student reading passages for Labor Day.  Two that look good are: “The Read Maguire: Who Actually Invented Labor Day?” and “Rosie: By Any Other Name — The Riveting True Story of the Labor Icon.”




Reindeer cookies from a gingerbread cookie cutter

So many good choices here!  There are so many great activities, crafts, and recipes out there for winter holidays, but I had to go with this one.   It’s just such a cute (and easy) idea for making reindeer cookies – upside-down gingerbread men!




Spring flowers, directions for making these paper flowers

These look so pretty, and they would make a great spring gift for kids to take home to Mom.  The directions seem pretty simple – the curlicue flowers are each made from just one strip of paper!




Bug Puzzles - printable and online

This site has all kinds of bug puzzles – enough to choose something that looks good for kids of any age. There are online puzzles as well as printable.  The online Chinese Mantis Puzzle is cool – you can choose your puzzle size anywhere from 6 pieces to 247 pieces.  The printables include word puzzles like crosswords and anagrams and other puzzles as well, including a Butterfly Life Cycle Sudoku with an easier version and a harder one.


For more activities and ideas that relate to the seasons and holidays, check out my Classroom in the Middle Pinterest page, where you will also find all kinds of interesting stuff for teachers, plus craft ideas just for fun.


This packet, from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, contains four holiday informational text activities – for Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, and earth Day.  Check it out too if you’re looking for a useful holiday resource for your classroom.

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