Revising and Expanding Sentences

Revise and Expand sentences

Teaching students to work on their writing at the sentence level is well worth the effort.  With skills that they learn from practicing on sentences, they can later be confident that they know several ways to revise their own writing.  Instead of saying, “I’m finished.  I don’t see any mistakes,” they can begin making specific types of improvements.

Revising and Expanding Sentences is designed to help teach your students procedures for revising that will give them the confidence to revise on their own.

Five skills are covered in this PowerPoint: adding adjectives, adding adverbs, adding prepositional phrases, replacing common verbs with more specific ones, and combining sentences using conjunctions.


Revise and Expand image 2 Revise and Expand image 3

This PowerPoint presentation, as well as others on individual steps of the writing process, is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers website at




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