Latin and Greek Roots Activities



This packet includes ten activities for teaching Latin and Greek roots including a game, practice cards, and other practice activity sheets.   Here’s the full list of what is included:

1. Using Latin and Greek Roots in Words and Sentences
2. Sorting Words by Their Roots
3. Choose Your Root – Cut and Paste
4. Identifying Latin and Greek Roots
5. Make New Words with Roots and Affixes
6. Identify the Prefix, Suffix, and Root
7. Root Change Up
8. Root Bingo
9. Practice Cards
10.Graffiti Wall of Roots
Answer Keys
Extra: Teacher’s list of roots and their meanings


The roots used in this set are: mit or mis, meter, graph or gram, bio, man, ped, photo, hydro, phon, rupt, geo, struct, scope, therm, chron, terr, aqua, sol, dem, vid or vis, vit or viv, spec, vert or vers, aud, corp, astro, scribe or script, pan, jur, jud, or jus, voc or vok, tempo, dent or dont, capit or capt, liber, luna, polis, port, fract or frag, dic, ject, tract, pos or posit, pend, cede, ceed, or cess, bel, cred, log or logue, grad, gred, or gres, vac, path, ignis, phobo, verb, sci


Here you can see some of the activity sheets, or click on one of the images download the free preview where you can see all of them:

Latin and Greek roots - activity sheets      Latin and Greek roots - activity sheets sample pages


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