Finding Good Blog Posts to Share

Finding Good Blog Posts to Share


Sometimes it takes a little searching to find good blog posts that you want to link to on Facebook or pin on your own Pinterest page, but one site that I like to use is Bloglovin’.  Not all teachers use it, especially since many teacher blogs have their own blogs on Blogger, but my blog is on WordPress and in some roundabout way, that led me to Bloglovin’.


I like that they will send you one e-mail each day with a feed of new posts to take a look at from blogs that you follow.  You can also go directly to the Bloglovin’ site any time you’re hunting for a good article or two.  I’ve used this a lot to find interesting articles that I share on my store’s Facebook page, and I’ve also found some great articles on  specific language arts and teaching topics to save to the different boards on my Pinterest page.


I haven’t had nearly as much luck getting followers there (and I’d love it if any of you do want to follow Classroom in the Middle there!) as I have on the bigger social media sites, but I still like to use Bloglovin’ because I find good quality articles there and I’m always looking for things that I would like to share on my other pages.


Just thought I would mention this!



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