Figurative Language Lesson for Valentine’s Day

Figurative Language Lesson for Valentine's Day


Sometimes it can be difficult to find examples of figurative speech that are designed to appeal to kids.  But not on Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to introduce  or review figurative language with some of those silly Valentine’s Day sayings that are loaded with metaphors, similes, and more!


I especially like the idea of teaching metaphors at this time, since many metaphors that you find in literature for kids can still be difficult for students to identify as figures of speech.  But with Valentine’s Day metaphors – no problem.  Valentine’s day metaphors are over-the-top and obvious – perfect for middle grade students!




Valentine’s Day Cards and those little candy hearts are just a few possible sources for these holiday figures of speech.  Or just search for Valentine’s Day sayings or Valentine’s Day quotes online for lists of ideas.


A fun lesson might be to demonstrate to kids that metaphors “paint a picture” for the reader by showing them a few images that are literal representations of the words in a metaphor.  Here are a few examples:




Next, give the kids another selection of metaphors, and have them draw their own literal representations.  Once kids get the idea, they are sure to enjoy creating these funny pictures. (And learning about figurative language at the same time!)  Here are a few possibilities:




If you would like to use these images with your class, download the FREE PowerPoint here:



Here’s hoping you have a happy Valentine’s Day,

from Classroom in the Middle!


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