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Favorite Writing Prompts - Writing Wednesday



Providing a variety of types of writing prompts can help to keep writing interesting for your kids. Here are a few ideas for good sources of prompts.


Prompts Based on Quotes
The illustrated quotes that you can find on so many websites now make great writing prompts. Have kids write about what the quote means to them or how they could apply the quote to something in their own lives.


Picture Prompts
Picture prompts are a perennial favorite. Have kids bring in photos from home, or use pictures of school events or current events. In this post that I wrote for One Stop Teacher Shop, you can find more specific ideas about using picture prompts.


Seasonal or Holiday Prompts
I’ve posted a number of ideas for various times of the year here on my blog in the Writing Skills section. Here is one example, an article with prompts for those snowy days ahead.


Prompt Lists
One idea – have each student keep a running list of possible topic ideas in the front of their journal as a handy source for whenever an idea is needed. Another idea – create a list as a whole class of ideas that stem from topics the kids are learning about in their content area subjects.


In general, prompts that give students something to think about will be easiest for them to get into. That may happen by way of pictures, high interest topics, or text that is include in the prompt.


I’ve collected some of my own prompts in a Writing Prompts Package with three sets of prompts, one set each for narrative, opinion/argument, and informative/explanatory writing – seventy-five prompts in all. Check out the preview for more details.


And finally, pictured below is my Writing Prompts Sampler – a FREEBIE with a few prompts of each of the three types.


Writing Prompts Sampler




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  1. Mary says:

    Writing prompts are great motivators. I have a Pinterest board filled with visual prompts. When I feel like the class needs some writing fun, I do a daily visual prompt and kids share their responses. I love the idea of having categorized prompts at my fingertips. Thanks for the freebie!

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