Classroom Management During the Holiday Madness

Holiday Classroom Management


Things can get crazy in the weeks before the holidays!  It’s a time when the tricks of the trade, and a few fresh ideas, really come in handy!


Sometimes, all it takes is a small change to a familiar classroom routine.  Maybe a new way of grouping kids, for example.  For lots of alternatives, check out this article from Scholastic, Fifteen Quick and Creative Ways to Group and Partner Students.  For a more festive look, many of them could be created using holiday-themed designs and colors.


To make something as simple as holiday stickers more motivational, add an element of competition. Get the small stickers and let students collect them to win a prize or to participate in a game.  Since games are always popular with middle grade kids, students could”spend” their stickers for turns in a favorite classroom game.  Everyone will get a chance to win prizes, but the more stickers – the more chances to win.  And at this age, of course, the big reward is getting time to play a game in class anyway!


Activities designed especially for the holidays are always a treat, too.  Use holiday-themed task cards or close reading activities to continue with your normal routine while giving a nod to the holidays.  A few special activities that you pull out just at holiday times are sure to be a winner, too.  Some of my favorites are holiday word games that can be projected onto the Smartboard for whole-class play or group contests.  Here is a PowerPoint of winter holiday riddles that you can download for free from my Teachers Pay Teacher store.


Christmas Riddles FREE


If you are interested in winter or winter holiday language arts materials, you can check out the items below, also in my TPT store.


Winter Vocabulary Practice

Informational Text - Mountain Messenger

Snowy Day - Winter word puzzles

Winter Holidays Task Cards


Check out more great holiday ideas linked with Merry and Bright from Fourth Grade Frolic:


Hope everyone is having a great winter holiday season!





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