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More No-Copy Foldables

  To add to last-weeks post, here are a few more especially easy foldables that you can do without prep using only pain paper and sticky notes.   Plain Paper Foldables These two foldables are super easy to make and require just one sheet of plain paper each.   Four Corners Foldable – Start by […]

No-Copy Foldables

  Foldables are great, but sometimes they can get to be a bit much what with different ones to print and copy for every new lesson.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a simple, no fuss plan for the day.  But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on foldables.  Just switch to some […]

Middle School Blog Log

  To go straight to the source – go to Middle School Blog Log!  This post at 2 Peas and a Dog lists links to great blogs written just for middle school teachers.  And even better, this blog log is organized by subject area so you won’t waste your time narrowing down your search to just […]

Response Cards May be Just the Ticket

  You want all of your students engaged in the lesson – even when you don’t want a high-movement activity with lots of group interaction.  So what do you do?  For times like these, response cards may be just the ticket!   There are many types of high response cards that can easily be incorporated […]

What They Really Really Want – Rewards for Middle Grade Kids

    Sooner or later it happens.  Your middle grade kids hit that age where they are no longer interested in the “prize box”.  The girls decide that they’re watching their weight and no longer want candy.  And sometimes you just need those little rewards to get your kids motivated in the right direction!  What […]

Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks

Task cards don’t always need to be laminated and saved to use over and over for class activities.  In fact, task have so many uses, and I keep finding more!    Because of their small size, task cards are great to print for students to paste in their interactive notebooks as examples.  You are probably […]

Task Cards Designed for the Middle Grades, Including a FREEBIE

    These task cards are all designed specifically for the middle grades – four through seven.  There is more content per card than on the typical elementary school task cards, so kids still get to move around when you’re doing an activity, but they also will spend a few more minutes on each card […]

Using Task Cards for Whole Class, Small Group, and Individual Lessons

    The more I read about task cards  (and the more pins I save on my Task Cards Pinterest board), The more uses I find for them!  Task cards can be used for whole class activities, small groups, and individual quiet work in a variety of ways.  Here are some of them.   Whole […]

Getting into Informational Text

Today, I’m writing about teaching with informational texts over at Student Savvy.   The post is all about focusing on text structures and text features and also about ideas for doing some close reading. (And a FREEBIE!) See the post here.  Thank you to Suzy at Student Savvy for the opportunity to blog there!

Task Card Finds

I’ve been spending a little time checking out some of the finds that I’ve saved on Pinterest, and so today I’m looking at pins on my Task Cards for Middle Grades board, and linking with Inspired Owl’s Corner for Pick Three.               One interesting pin about various uses for task […]

Free Video Clips and Lessons from PBS

  I’m spending a little time looking into some of the pins that I’ve saved on my Pinterest boards.  Today, I’m checking out this pin: the PBS Learning Media site, which has resources for all major subject areas.  You can browse for videos and lesson ideas by grade level, subject area, or standard.  The site […]

Teaching Proverbs and Adages

    A barking dog seldom bites.  What does it mean?  Well, first of all, it means that just because a dog barks and sounds scary, that doesn’t mean that he is going to bite anyone.  To me, this seems like a good place to start – have students explain the literal meaning of the […]

Online Games for Parts of Speech Practice

    Online games are so useful for reviewing parts of speech!  Kids get to have fun doing what they love to do while getting in that needed practice on adverbs, prepositions, and the rest.  I’ve been checking out some of the many games available, and here is a selection that is easy to use […]

Learning about Tone and Voice

  Kids first learn about speaking in different tones by listening to the responses of the people they are talking to.   They learn that certain tones are appropriate for certain situations and that different tones get different reactions. Learning to use various tones in writing is much more difficult because those cues from a […]

Favorite Revising Activities

    Revising to Add Dialog – This works with most any type of narrative writing, fiction or non-fiction.  You can start with a piece of student writing as short as one paragraph.  Demonstrate how to use quotation marks and commas for a line of dialog, how to use a speaker tab, and how to […]

Informational Text – Guest Post on Minds in Bloom

Thanks to Rachel Lynette for the opportunity to guest post on her website, Minds in Bloom.  This time I posted about my favorite types of informational text articles.  You can see the post here:      

Making Prewriting Work for Kids

Sometimes, kids just don’t see the need for prewriting.  Why fill out a graphic organizer if you are just going to copy it over into paragraphs anyway? Teaching kids how to prewrite isn’t hard, but teaching them that prewriting really is a useful process can be a tall order.   Two activities that I like […]

Zoom Out, Zoom In

A Strategy for More Productive Prewriting   Zoom Out In this first step, brainstorm ideas to write about.  Use a blank sheet of paper or a simple bubble map, and jot down any and all ideas that come to mind.  Once you have a good selection of ideas, rule out the ones that have strayed […]

Fun Research Presentations

Kids may have to do research to meet their grade level standards, but sometimes they are not required to use the results to write a research paper.  If they don’t need to write a paper, what can you have your students do to present the information from all of those note cards?     Here […]

Books for Buddies

To introduce kids to your classroom library in the beginning of the year, try having each student choose books for a partner.  Explain to the kids that, in order to choose interesting books for their partner, they will need to know something about their partner’s interests first.  To do this, the kids could create interview […]

Task Cards – A Versatile Resource

Task cards come in handy in so many situations!  It’s great to have a few sets standing by to pull out of your desk drawer at a moments notice, and of course they are also a part of many planned, interactive lesson components.   Some task cards have a very brief assignment, maybe just one […]